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Picture of Asiago Sun Dried Tomato

Asiago Sun Dried Tomato

Coleen's Better Than Breadsticks, Asiago Sun Dried Tomato

Coleen's Comments:
“Asiago is an Italian cow’s milk cheese. I use aged Asiago because it has a strong piquant flavor. It is similar to parmesan with its crumbly texture and salty bite. I pair it up with sun dried tomatoes that I chop up and marinate in rosemary infused olive oil. Then I add Italian spices to round off all the flavors. I love the jammyness of the sun dried tomato and the salty bite of Asiago cheese and then the crunch of the sea salt. Pair these up with a nice glass of Chianti and I’m back in Italy. ”
Picture of

2014 - Littorai Pinot Noir

Soft and smooth on the palate, with good richness and intensity
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